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Leap motion Jam.

GAME UPDATED on 11/24/2015 11PM

Updates: More enemies added to the level. All broken parts should be fixed, re calibrated screen turning with wrist rolling. Increased health from 2 to 3. Mini boss no longer one hit punches you. Increased walking speed. Decrease walking speed for VR if you get motion sickness. Enemies run 20% faster.Removed clay pidgeons. Removed chicken killing to end the gun range, it is now a menu option. Your current highscore in targets now saves. Escape button works, Can restart level now.

Next updates should be a revamp on the Virtual reality. Please post

PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING!!! You need to know how the leap motion works in the game.

The main executable file is located inside

The Gun Range is a training level, and fun target practice mini game.

"War" will start the real game progression.

  • 1.The leap motion must be placed on the table for the needed accuracy.
  • 2.Your hand must be parallel to the leap motion.
  • 3.For better accuracy spread your fingers apart.
  • 4.To fire, bring your thumb to the base knuckle of your pointer finger while your fingers are still spread and parallel to the ground.
  • 5.The less you move your fingers and hand, the more accurate your shot.
  • 6.If your leap motion is placed correctly, the gun should be at eye level.
  • 7.In VR, close one eye and aim as if it were a real gun.
  • 8.In desktop mode - Rotate camera by rolling right rist

    SKILLS At Gun range: Make left fist: Brings up a menu to select mini game. Make right fist: Creates shockwave destroying projectiles and knocking enemies back. At Dungeon: Make left fist: Creates a time distortion slowing down time for 5 seconds. Life energy collector: The more energy collected, the faster your gun can charge.

    Keyboard buttons:
  • Enter-Enable Virtual Reality
  • M : Enable Mirror Mode for Virtual Reality- Disable to improve fps
  • R : Reset Orientation
  • Numbers 1-4 : Graphic settings low to high
  • L : In case of error, moves player to next position (Emergencies only)


-The slower and smoother you move your hands and arms the better, practice the motions. You will need to use both skills, "Slow Time" and "Force" often in the later half the the stage to beat the game.

-Only hold your right arm out to shoot, I typically hold my right elbow with my left hand, and only place my left hand to fire the time distortion. You may also set your arms down while your player walks.


This game ran fine for me on a gtx 960. If the gun range is not smooth enough for you, the mountain level will be a smoother experience, as all those models were almost entirely made for the phone. Press "/" to skip the gun range if you need to.

Please comment on suggestions, bugs, or anything you would like to see changed or added.


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